Donna Bone was one of the first clients that I connected with as I launched StoryPortrait Media. We have been working together now for over 10 years, collecting images of her amazing landscape designs. This year we updated her print and online portfolios, both are stunning.

Please take a moment, indulge yourself, and drink in the beauty of greens, and pinks, reds and yellows. Design with Nature gardens explode the imagination and at the same time calm the mind and body, true masterpieces of art and nature.

Design with Nature is a design + build company in Santa Fe.

A shout out to Many Mothers , an organization that helps new moms for three months, sending a matched volunteer to come and be available to hold and spend time with the babe, chat and visit with mom, fold laundry or do dishes, let you take a nap, or answer email, etc. It was AMAZING… and puts so many things into perspective. It’s hard to put into the words the shocking reality of becoming a mom, what you lose and what you gain… what you need. But, this organization gets it.

I have also, with a new babe in my world, am realizing to a new degree the importance, the depth, and the story of family. I want to return to prioritizing this aspect of my work – capturing moments that are forever life changing, deeply personal, and fleeting. I am available for family portrait sessions, photo play dates, documenting your life and love as it unfolds.

We took a birth class at The Birthing Tree in Santa Fe. It was great to talk about, share, laugh, and question what the experience of birth might be like and how to prepare for it. Shabd Simran Adeniji, co-owner of The Birthing Tree, is a nurse-midwife, Childbirth Educator, and Early Childhood Parent Educator. She is an inspiration and an amazing mama. It was awesome to get a chance to photograph her family recently.

I spent a few months on the Big Island of Hawaii, at Kalani, late November 2015 through early February 2016. I went with a little babe growing in my belly. And, it was the most amazing place to nurture and feel into new life. Camping with the sounds of mating whales echoing in the night, koki frogs singing, wild pigs rummaging, and the rain beating down. I can’t even begin to retell the tale of the senses. My baby girl swam in the ocean, danced in community, soaked up the sun and the juice of tropical fruits, cried and laughed and touched the sacred with me. An unforgettable lifetime experience close to nature, deep in the heart.

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