An Audio Portrait – Personal Histories for Families – Saving Stories

One of the joys of my job is meeting new people, and then immediately spending quality time with them asking questions, diving into their life stories, and listening for truths and experiences that inspire and explain.

People share stories of all types, and sometimes those that seem the most “simple”, are surprisingly profound. Molly’s gift from her mother, of a blue sewing basket when she was a child, still brings up the most emotional of memories, “I was one of a family of nine, being poor didn’t bother me because everybody was poor except the very rich. One of the things I’ll never forget… When I was little I never got a birthday present and I asked my mother one day “Why don’t I get a birthday present?” She said “You’ll get a Christmas present and that’s your birthday present too.” The next time I had a birthday she bought me a beautiful blue sewing basket. So I could have cried because I don’t know how she paid for it. I kept it until it fell apart. That was my favorite always.”

Of course, I record all of these conversations, and provide a disk of audio stories, transcription and images to the family, leaving them an audio portrait of their loved one that will continue to increase in value and sentiment over time.

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