Ryuijie | Artist Video for VERVE Gallery of Photography

First stop with Ryuijie, a photographer based on the Monterey Bay Peninsula in California, was Garrapata Beach. We went to feel the ocean breeze, walk the rocky coast, touch down on the sandy shore, and set up cameras to photograph what might be illuminated by the setting sun. My initial glance down into the ocean from the high coast took my breath away – the water, black in its depth, white at the crests, pulsed back and forth against the rocks, and my world instantly fell quiet and slowed down.

To capture Ryuijie’s working process, I followed him into the ocean – swimming through the sea kelp, watching the otters on the surface and Ryuijie’s fins beneath. We walked around Asilomar Beach, Moss Landing, Cannery Row, and of course, back to his darkroom, to create an artist video for the VERVE Gallery of Photography behind-the-scenes series that I hope represents where and how Ryuijie works and what inspires him.

RYUIJIE | Artist Video for VERVE Gallery of Photography from StoryPortrait Media on Vimeo.

California is one of my favorite places – the dramatic contrasts of land and water, the charm of sea life – it always reminds me of the vastness of possibilities and the extraordinary diversity of our country. Of course when the video camera was running, I had to pull out the iPhone for some souvenir shots:

Ryuijie’s photographs illuminate the beauty of nature, its imperfections, its illusiveness, its transitory breath. His platinum printing makes every image an art scape. I am grateful to Ryuijie as an artist and as a host. I hope his work also inspires you!

Please visit Ryuijie’s website to see more of his work. Visit: VERVE Gallery of Photography to purchase Ryuijie’s prints for your collection.

Phil’s Fish Market & Eatery at Moss Landing State Park

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