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“I am from New Mexico, I was born and raised here, and it’s the only home I have. I want to see it thrive, I want to work for it. If we are not stewards of the land, who will be?” Nina Yozell-Epstein, Founder, Squash Blossom Local Food

Squash Blossom Local Food is a mission driven social enterprise, working to protect the interest of local farmers, preserve land in Northern New Mexico, lower the carbon footprint, and bring healthy, nutritious food to the community. Eating locally, also deeply connects people to the food they are eating; giving them a relationship to what’s in season, where their food comes from, and how it was grown.

Why the name Squash Blossom? Squash Blossoms are very delicate, once they are harvested they have to be delivered within three hours and eaten that day. Who else can do that? Who can work that closely with farmers, and deliver for use that day? The specialty is harvesting per order, food is delivered within 24 hours, and squash blossoms within 3 hours. The business is just as fragile, precarious, and needs effort and support.

“We’re all here [in New Mexico] against the odds. It’s a desert, it’s a short growing season, there is fire danger, there is drought. You don’t think of farming here, yet everything that grows here has that much more flavor, that much more spice, and that’s true for the people too. I want to protect us, I want to protect my community, and the land. Squash Blossom Local Food is about New Mexico, it’s about protecting the most delicate and vibrant aspect of our culture and community.”

Twenty farms, from 1 – 30 acres in size in Northern New Mexico, small-scale agriculture, are contributing to the Squash Blossoms local delivery.

Four farms are represented in this group of images:
Española Valley Farms, Salvador and , Española, New Mexico
Rancho la Jolla, Danny Farrar, Velarde, New Mexico
Red Mountain Farm, Jeff Nitz and Clare Price, Abiquiu, New Mexico
Malandro Farm, Jim Benson and Lisa Anderson and family, Abiquiu, New Mexico

Over twenty restaurants are participating. Click here to see the list.

A recent article about Squash Blossom in Edible Santa Fe

To learn more, visit: Squash Blossom Local Food online

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