Photographing People at the Santa Fe Workshops

I just finished a week teaching one of my favorite classes at the Santa Fe Workshops. What a great class! There is nothing like meeting the excitement and anticipation of students who come to Santa Fe, NM from all over the country on a quest to connect with and document photographically the spirit of people and place.
Images © Photographing People Students

We focused on technical skills; from f/stops and shutter speeds to lens choice and lighting patterns. And, then we quickly moved to the heart of photography; how to find, engage and connect with the subject. These basic photographing people skills can be applied at home and around the world to make better and more meaningful images. Enjoy a look at their work! **Apologies for the technical glitch; unfortunately, the music cuts out after a bit.

Photographing People Class Work, March 2010 from StoryPortrait Media on Vimeo.

And, a glimpse behind the scenes:

I also want to acknowledge and thank my colleagues who shared some of their inspiration throughout the week. Alan M. Thornton, commercial and portrait photographer, talked about the importance of personal projects. Take a look at his Kurdish Portrait project here. Jane Phillips, photojournalist for the Santa Fe New Mexican, talked about building trust and capturing a story in one image. Visit her website to see her portfolio.

Thanks to fellow instructors Raul Touzon and David Robin. Raul has been a friend for a long time. He has supported and encouraged my career unconditionally and always livens up a Workshop week with light and fiestas.

Last, but certainly not least, a big thanks to the course coordinator, Memphis Barbree, assistant and photographer extraordinaire. Her black and white landscape work is stunning, her prints exceptional. She will be teaching an upcoming class at SFW this Fall, check out her work on her website.

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