The Bridge at Hoover Dam

Momentous. Complex. Extraordinary. Elegant. Those are a few of the words that come to mind when I think about both Jamey Stillings and the Bridge at Hoover Dam. And, now the two are historically linked in this photographic project.

It always an honor for me to sit down with people and ask them questions about subjects they love. In this case the interview themes were design, art, creativity, risk, pursuit, vision. Enjoy hearing from a curator, an engineer, a photographer about a remarkable project of our times.

Many thanks to Jamey, and team, for collaborating with StoryPortrait Media on creating this video for the Phoenix Art Museum.

For more information about Jamey’s current exhibition at the Phoenix Art Museum, August 13 – December 4th, click here. You will also see the trailer to the multimedia piece, edited by Shelene Bridge (sweet coincidence, eh?)

To see more of Jamey Stillings’ work, visit his websites:
The Bridge at Hoover Dam
Jamey Stillings Photography

  • Marcus Delgado - Lovely film, Genevieve. Jamey’s project still continues to impress me. The sheer scale of it alone is so massive, it makes my personal projects seem almost insignificant. But it also gives me the confidence that I can pursue an idea, no matter how daunting it may seem. I enjoyed the interspersing of dialogue with the pictures. Even the architect was impressed with the photos! I also liked how you focused in on part of the photos to demonstrate Jamey’s incredible attention to small details–something that could have been easily forgotten when taking on such a project.

  • admin - Thanks so much Marcus! And, great to hear from you. How is the creative life in Atlanta? I would love to see some of your new work. Warmest regards, Genevieve

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