The Santa Fe Waldorf School

I have to admit, the Santa Fe Waldorf School made me viscerally miss childhood. It’s such a complex and potentially beautiful experience transitioning from a young person, excited to discover and explore, into an adult, ready to step into the world as an engaged individual participating in community. There are many paths and possibilities in this journey of becoming. The educational, spiritual, cultural, musical path offered at Waldorf really resonated with me personally. It was an honor to observe classroom discussions, musical and theatrical performances, and participate in numerous conversations with students, teachers and administration.

The multimedia piece produced for the Santa Fe Waldorf School will help the school tell it’s unique story and serve to continually invite a diverse and strong student body to the PreK through High School experience. Enjoy, and visit the Santa Fe Waldorf School!

A short introduction:

The long 12 minute version:

Special thanks to Shelene Bridge, editor extraordinaire, and Brenda Kelley, cinematographer and friend, for collaborating with me on this project.

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