Santa Fe Living Treasures

I am always amazed by how moved I am by the bi-annual Santa Fe Living Treasures ceremony. I think ceremony in general somehow immediately touches the core of my spirit. Think of the last wedding, funeral, birthday, or graduation you attended, were there tears shed? When we take time to honor life; life’s passages, accomplishments and attempts, we get a glimpse of the bigger picture, the larger purpose… unique for everyone, yet universal. Gratitude is at the core of a Living Treasure’s ceremony. Gratitude for life choices, choices that have effected, in a positive way, a community. Four new treasure’s were just added to the long list of remarkable individuals making Santa Fe an amazing place to work and live. Once again, it was an honor for me to spend a little bit of time with each of them and make their portrait.

Brian Brigham, owner of Piñon Fast Print, the smallest independent print shop in Santa Fe, served the community by providing discounted printing services to numerous non-profit organizations. Helping Concerned Citizens for Nuclear Safety, Nuclear Watch New Mexico, and the Coalition for the Homelessness, some of his favorite causes, get their message out into the world.

Sally Rodgers, nicknamed “Mother Green” is still a full–time environmental lobbyist and the backbone of Conservation Voters of New Mexico. She also organized the first Earth Day in Santa Fe. She is also the beloved mentor to countless younger advocates.
Nancy and Bill Zeckendorf Nancy, once a ballet dancer at the Metropolitan Opera, and Bill, a successful real estate developer, facilitated and helped fund and fundraise for the Santa Fe Opera, The Lensic Performing Arts Center, Christus St. Vincent Hospital and the Santa Fe University of Art and Design. Their contribution and vision to the arts in Santa Fe has benefited all who live and visit the city.
To learn more about Santa Fe Living Treasures, visit the website.
All images and oral history recordings are archived at the Palace of the Governors, Fray Angélico Chávez History Library

  • Chris Barber - Wonderful, lovely, expressive photographs! I particularly like the image of the colored inks in the Pinon Fast Print set. I really admire your willingness to present Bill Zeckendorf’s expression full-face in the largest photograph of the set. The two showing him in profile are so much safer: but the image showing him looking squarely at the camera has lots of impact!

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