In Search of Home – A New Documentary Film In Production!

I am really excited to share a new project! In Search of Home is the personal story of a dear friend and colleague, Christine Jawski. When I first met Christine, I asked her one of those basic questions, so “Where are you from?” – It’s a question we commonly ask upon meeting. “Where are you from?” Why is this question so fundamental? Why is the answer so important to placing ourselves, and understanding something essential about ourselves? This question brings joy to some, a real sense of nostalgia and story, and heartache to others. Christine receives this question all of the time, due to an accent that isn’t quite placeable, beautiful green eyes, strong features, bronzed skin… and it’s a question that, while she has the formulaic answer for, she struggles to answer.

In Search of Home
is a documentary film, now in production, that seeks to answer what seems to be a basic question, but the layers of knowing, are many. Christine was adopted from Chile at a very young age. Brought to the United States and was raised in New York, with a new identity, one that she appreciates, but doesn’t always identify with. She has never returned to Chile, although, the longing has been life long. Finally, there is no other way to continue, without at least trying to put a few pieces of her fragmented history back together. What will that journey be like? What will is solve? What will it resolve? This story of finding home is at once personal, and universal.

We need your help to make that journey. There is currently a campaign launched on IndiGoGo, where you can watch this trailer and make a contribution.

Christine is committed to being an advocate for all adopted and displaced children and individuals in the world. Her story will be one that resonates with many. Help us bring that story forward.
I am honored to be working on this project as Co-Director and Director of Photography. We are hoping to travel to Chile in February of 2012 to look for Christine’s family, and touch the landscape where she was born. Thanks for your support!

  • Neil Lukaszewicz - hi this is a very intresting website and collection of information and data on thoses sharing my sirname.

  • Chris Barber - This is a very interesting introduction to the project — it strikes me that many images are about leaving: walking away from the camera, packing, even the wedding dress scene appears to be able leaving life in one way (and of course entering life in another way). The child working on the “home” drawing really anchors the introduction, in my opinion. I’m looking forward to seeing more!

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