Weddings are amazing events. Regardless if the day is perfect, or perfectly flawed, a wedding day is unlike any other day. I have started teaming up with Jane Bernard, and her wedding clients, to bring audio, video and stills to the wedding to capture the rich story of the day, which includes the vows, the toasts, the movement of dance and day receding into night.

Thanks so much to Rachel, Brant and their family for having Jane Bernard Wedding Photography and StoryPortrait Media join together to create a multimedia wedding portrait of their special, windy day in Santa Fe, NM.

  • Chris Barber - Thanks for putting new photographs up at the top of the page. The image of the two girls looking at the bookcase is really excellent!

Another great ceremony today for the Fall 2010 Santa Fe Living Treasure honorees! A quick introduction to four people who have given to Santa Fe whole-heartedly and I had the honor to photograph.

Lee Feitelson moved to Santa Fe in 1980. Since then she has dedicated her time, and wonderful energy to the Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival, Kitchen Angels, the Lensic Theater, the Santa Fe Opera, Esperanza Shelter, Literacy Volunteers, American Cancer Society, and the Adaptive Ski Program. Lee is a role model for what do with one’s life after retirement. I loved photographing her. She beams so brightly and is undoubtedly strong, centered, humble, and empowered. Her commitment to Santa Fe has made a difference.

Buzz & Jean Bainbridge
I didn’t know that without their influence and energy, the Santa Fe ski basin wouldn’t be what it is today. This couple maintained the lifts, and promoted skiing across the state, teaching the love of winter sports to everyone within reach, most notably, those with disabilities. They are the most charming pair, as in love today, as when they first married – 67 years ago. Imagine.

Bill Field
A native of New Mexico, Bill Field is an organizer, designer, fundraiser, board president, and more. “Without Bill’s hands-on effort, the Spanish Colonial Arts Society, Spanish Market, and the Museum of Spanish Colonial Art would not exist today, much less flourish”. At the ceremony today, those who stood and thanked Bill, credited him with teaching them about New Mexico history, and art. They thanked him for being their most important mentor, friend, and inspiration.

To learn more about Santa Fe Living Treasures, visit the website!

  • Hope Kiah - Strong work, Genevieve! I’m so impressed by your dedication to “story portraits” which is the perfect phrase to describe your passion. These Living Treasures are my inspiration for a meaningful retirement. Thanks for what you do!

  • admin - Hope, Thank you for the work you do to make the Living Treasures website be a resource for Santa Fe and other communities honoring our elders!

Teacher, mentor, and fellow photographer, David Wells of The Wells Point, has just launched Photo Synesi, a new teaching web site –for photographers, by photographers. Photo Synesi is defined as: n. Photography wisdom. A community of photographers: sharing experiences : building knowledge.

Stuck, need a little push, or just some insight and inspiration from another professional eye? Do you have technical questions about a group of images? Do you need to hone a project idea or are you ready for ideas on publication or collaboration? If you are working on a project or your portfolio, there are many times in the process when feedback is crucial.

The site is ingenious. It’s a place for sharing work, and receiving feedback, not just from one reviewer that you happen to know, but from a selection of 20 potential photographers specializing in different areas of the craft. And, that list of reviewers is growing, building community amongst photographers of all levels. The process is easy. You submit a group of images, choose a reviewer, define your goals, and within a week, you receive targeted evaluation to help you on to the next phase of your work. There are three levels of review, depending on the number of photographs you have and type of critique you desire. The cost is very affordable, allowing you reviews as you need them, and participating mentor photographers compensation.

I am very excited to be amongst the reviewers at the launch of Photo Synesi.
I encourage you to check out the site and give it a try!

Jane Bernard, photographer extraordinaire, has been mentor to me since venturing out with my own business in 2006. She is a natural at offering business guidance and advice, as well as non-judgmental photo instruction. Unsurprisingly, she has been affiliated with Big Brothers Big Sisters in NM for years, and has a wonderful relationship with her “little sister”. Since she was busy helping to organize the media program of the 2010 Mayor’s Ball, with the theme “It’s a Big Little World”, highlighting the important work of BBBS, I had the opportunity to experience the event, and take photographs to document and celebrate the evening.

The event was action-packed, including a silent and live auction, presentations and speeches, dinner, music and dancing. I just want to commend everyone involved in making this fundraiser a success. It was unforgettable – to see the young people who were so grateful for their “Bigs”, and the audience of the evening, who had the compassion and financial resources to donate, bid, and ultimately freely invest their money in the cause of youth in Santa Fe. Congratulations to all the Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Big Brothers Big Sisters always needs more “Bigs” – there is typically a list of children, at any time, waiting to be matched. To find out more about how to participate, changing the course of a young person’s life, visit the Big Brothers Big Sisters website, and find the chapter in your area.

  • James W. Galle` - Jane, could you please tell me how i could view the photos of me and the guy from Delancey Street you took at the Mayer’s Ball last Oct.
    THX, James

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