Easter Seals El Mirador delivers valuable services to people with developmental disabilities. Their main mission is providing individuals with opportunities, choices, and independence that were previously unobtainable. Their commitment to people and the community inspires compassion and action.

StoryPortrait Media has had the pleasure and honor to develop a relationship with Easter Seals El Mirador by way of The Write Choice Network. Easter Seals El Mirador needs community support. While they have a long history of service in New Mexico, their work is largely unknown, as are the personal stories of their clients.

We’ve made three short videos so far. One piece tells the story of community integration, the other two personal stories of hope and triumph. We have a fourth in the works. Stay tuned!

Easter Seals El Mirador – A Community Portrait from StoryPortrait Media on Vimeo.

To meet Terry and Stephanie, visit: http://vimeo.com/channels/eastersealselmirador

To learn more about Easter Seals El Mirador, visit their website here!

Last summer I had the wonderful opportunity to go to northern Wisconsin, to the awe-inspiring coast of Lake Superior, to do a StoryPortrait (a multimedia storytelling video that combines still images and audio) for the Pinehurst Inn. On the way from the airport in Duluth to Bayfield, WI, Nancy Sandstrom and daughter Darcy Schwerin, pointed out some natural highlights, talked excitedly about the joy of living in this part of the world, and then close to home stopped to pick up fresh milk at a local dairy. When we turned the corner and I caught my first glimpse of Lake Superior, I was mesmerized. When we drove up to their bed & breakfast, a home built in 1885, I knew the stories would be rich.

Nancy and Steve Sandstrom, owners of the Pinehurst Inn, just re-designed their website to highlight the still photographs and the multimedia StoryPortrait’s produced in that long weekend visit. If you have some time to relax, explore the natural world and reconnect with life, please make the journey to Bayfield, WI and stay at the Pinehurst Inn. In the meantime, learn about the Sandstrom’s personal history in Bayfield, and the environmental initiatives and life values that are embedded in the Pinehurst Inn experience.

The video link on the website will lead you to the two different Pinehurst Inn StoryPortrait’s.

Photographing for Santa Fe Living Treasures , and being part of the Living Treasures committee, is a great honor for me. This year, three amazing women were nominated and selected to join the ranks of Living Treasures. They are artists and activists who have changed the lives of all of us by what they give of themselves.

Jane Petchesky is an activist and environmentalist. She appreciates all things natural and wild. In 2009, Jane donated her ranch, 262 acres amidst increasing development, to the Forest Trust, and gave her home to the NM Land Conservancy for their state headquarters. The NM Land Conservancy, with their goals of protecting open spaces, are now settled and thriving in a beautiful place surrounded by four mountain ranges. Jane and her husband Gene raised quarter-horses on the ranch, up to 24 at a time. They both played a part in the founding of the Santa Fe Rodeo. Jane continues to be an active member of the Santa Fe community, engaged in water conservation and the natural flow of rivers.

Theo Raven is “the stuff fairy tales are made of”. “Theo is an artist of the soul. A beautiful monument and fixture in Santa Fe. She is the delicate birds nests she collects, she is the willowy aspens she fights to keep alive. And her dogs say grace.” Born in Santa Fe in 1931. Theo’s mother was a German immigrant who became governess for the grandchildren of Mabel Dodge Lujan. Theo and her mother opened Doodlet’s, a downtown Santa Fe “toy” store, together in 1955.

Shirley Minett “Be open to Life”…..this is Shirley Minett’s calling–through her daily artful existence she truly lives in love. A humanitarian of the highest order, with quiet wisdom and a positive outlook on life, Shirley opens her arms and heart to everyone, especially broken souls,– including the furry and feathered–anything with a heartbeat.

Join us in honoring them on Sunday, June 13th, at 2pm at the United Church of Santa Fe.

“Travel is fatal to bigotry, prejudice and narrow-mindedness.” – Mark Twain

I am really excited to share a new project in the works: The Bali Art Project Documentary Film.

A bit of background:
Through my work with Santa Fe Living Treasures, I learned about The Bali Art Project created by Gaylon Duke and Zenia Victor. The mission of the program: offer Santa Fe high-school juniors with limited financial means, the opportunity to experience the world beyond their borders. Now in it’s eleventh year, The Bali Art Project continues to inspire and transform the lives of young Americans, their families, and their communities.
“A new day has dawned for me. I have changed. The world has changed. Before, it was a very large globe with too many cultures and diverse realities for me to witness. Now, it is an infinite universe that I shall explore forever.” ~ Ben G., Bali Art Student, Personal Reflection, 2007

Zenia Victor & Gaylon Duke, Bali Art Project founders

In January, I began making The Bali Art Project Documentary Film to preserve and perpetuate the legacy of this amazing program and help tell the story of building global awareness and cultural understanding through travel. The candid, open, life-affirming journey for 8 students and 8 adults, will inspire us all to dream beyond our own realities, overcome the fears of travel and cultural barriers, and re-consider our beliefs, actions, and values in life.

The students were selected and January, and the last few months have been busy getting to know each other, studying Bahasa Indonesian, learning about the Hindu faith and spirituality, and writing their own fundraising letters to families and friends.

The trip is near! On May 26th we depart Albuquerque for Ubud, Bali, Indonesia. We return home to Santa Fe on June 27th.

2010 “Bali Kids”, left to right: Arianna, Sonja, Poqueen,Clark, Kreston, Rosse, Clay, Trey

You can support the project by BUYING a FINE-ART Print!
Pre-pay for a 6 x 9, 11 x 14, or 16 x 20 fine-art print and make a donation to the production of the Bali Art Project Documentary Film. The final image selection will include photographs from previous documentary projects + new selects from the Bali collection.

** The deadline for ordering and paying for prints is Friday, May 21st.
** Final image selection that will include a combination of work from previous projects and select images from Bali will be announced via email and viewable in an online gallery, July 16th.
** All images will be printed the week of August 9th, and mailed the middle to end of August.

** CLICK HERE to download more information and print sale details!

Go ahead! Support art, education, and youth travel!

Print Sizes and Prices
6 x 9 $65.00
11 x 14 $175.00
16 x 20 $295.00

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Print Sizes and Prices
6 x 9 $65.00
11 x 14 $175.00
16 x 20 $295.00

Or, consider a donation, any amount, small and large, is honored and greatly appreciated!

* Please note, tax-deductible donations can be made by sending a check to me and made out to the Bali Art Project, a 501(c)(3). If you would like your donation to be tax-deductible, email me for my mailing address, genevieve@storyportraitmedia.com.

“I want to see more, smell more, taste more, hear more, and feel more than I ever have in my life.” ~ Joe S., Bali Art Student, Personal Reflection, 2007

“For young Americans to “get” what it is like to live with few material amenities, yet with warmth, family and community support, art and rituals is a tremendous experience. The spirit of happiness was pervasive in Bali and our son, like others, returned with new optimism and perspective on what is always possible – a positive attitude.” ~ Judy G., Parent of Bali Art Student, Letter, 2009

Thanks for your support!