Since I started StoryPortrait Media in 2007, I knew that I wanted to use photography, audio and video to help individuals and organizations who inspire me, share their story, in their own voice, with the world.

My work motivates me in so many ways. First, it’s a constant education – from the technical aspects of using DSLR cameras for motion and the workflow of capturing, downloading, editing, uploading, and archiving this intangible digital media to the people; their stories, experiences, leadership and their effect on the community. I am challenged and in awe daily.

And, second, I believe in optimism. Some may say I live in a bubble, and am not accepting or facing “reality”. I say, I am one of many holding up the torch and hoping to shine a light on all those who defy, in their vision and action, the apathy and fear that dominates the headlines. And, one story at a time, start shifting the energy.

My friends, my family, and my community give me inspiration and hope.
Photography and image-making gives me a means to contribute and be of service.
Business, and the desire to support myself and others with my passion, pushes me outside my comfort zone, and hopefully makes me a better person, living fully, failing and trying again, meeting my edge.

This year, I will continue to explore, play, collaborate, learn, and delve into the well of creativity, to bring hopeful, positive, life-affirming stories to the fore. If you have suggestions for organizations, businesses, artists, or individuals who have a meaningful story and work to share, please let me know!

For now, I invite you to visit the new StoryPortrait Media website. It is a work in progress, as always.

I have to engage in projects that I have a personal connection to because I want my work to inspire and nourish me and also reflect my values. This year, I’ve had the colorful, blissful, delicious opportunity to work with Wendy Borger, Pam Sweeney and Debbie Gadayloo at SPANDARAMA & RASA to create a gallery of images for their new website and print marketing materials. Here is a quick look at the nutritious life force RASA is serving up at 815 Early Street in Santa Fe.

There is a lot on the agenda for 2013 in terms of whole body, mind, spirit wellness… there is even an upcoming holiday dessert making class! I took a living foods class with Debbie a month or so ago, and it completely rocked my world! I eat a lot of vegetables, but admittedly sometimes overcook them. She put the crunch and vitality back into my meal!

Go visit, enjoy a juice, the taste of health, and feel more vibrant, alive, whole and nourished this harvest and holiday season! I will see you there.

  • meg simone - Genevieve – your work is so inspiring! I could spend hours on your blog, site, and vimeo page. Each project you have done has so much heart in it. I love your work and your eye on life. Thank you for sharing with all of us.

  • Chris Barber - Genevieve, this work is so amazing — my mouth is watering as I look at the blog! I am so glad that you’re sharing your work after taking a pause from the blog. Hope your time with family will be a complete and total blessing!

  • admin - Thank you Kim! It is a journey! And, I’m happy that our paths are crossing.

When childhood seems far away and memories of play dates, piano lessons, coloring books and crayons and bedtime stories all but a dream, I relish the opportunity to capture that moment in a families life for others through photography and video. And how sweet to want to protect and preserve the innocence and play of childhood for your children. When I go to the Hobbs house, there is no agenda, no shoot schedule or particular story to tell, I am just there as a witness to a day unfolding, and then humbly, reflect back.

Okay, full disclosure, I adore Norah Levine! She is a friend, a mentor, and one of the most giving, caring, photographers I know. So what a treat to head to her new home town, Austin, Texas, to create a fresh promotional video for her business.

Norah goes beyond the standard family and/ or pet portrait. She is capturing moments in time that are unrepeatable – and she is capturing them with a spark, a sincerity, and a heart that understands that simple moments are supreme.

Why are photographs so cherished, valuable, important in our lives? Why are memories so essential? I do think about that often and ask – what is really held in a photograph of a loved one? Maybe I shouldn’t ask this question, and just know that life is precious and photographs acknowledge and hold that gift of life, ever-changing and moving forward.

So, check out what she’s up to! (Videos are best viewed in the Firefox browser)

Norah Levine Photography in Austin, Texas from StoryPortrait Media on Vimeo.

To learn more about Norah and schedule a portrait session for your family and favorite people or furry animal, visit her website!
Thanks Norah!

Michele Worstell, owner of Nila Bindu Jewelry , is an artist, jeweler, and independent business owner. I met her on the mat in the yoga studio a year or so ago and I’ve been an admirer of her jewelry, her heart, dedication and devotion to her dream, ever since.

A conversation that I seem to have constantly with friends in Santa Fe, is “Is it possible”?! Is it possible to pursue your passion, pay your bills, and thrive? And, if so, how? How can we successfully merge the ideal, the dreams for life, with the “reality” of life?

I don’t have the answer. I’m still pursuing it myself. The only thing that comes to mind, the only answer I have, is the need for a vision, an inner voice over fear, and community. Community is essential. We need to actively strive to build a community that supports one another and helps each other find resources, inspiration, and the courage to keep going, to keep bringing unique art into the world. One way to support another, is by contributing collectively and directly to the hope, vision, and gift of independent artists and business owners.

Michele Worstell is bravely asking for help. Today marks the launch of Nila Bindu’s fundraising campaign on Kickstarter! Please visit the campaign HERE to support this independent artist expand her business, and receive Nila Bindu jewelry as a reward! Learn more about Nila Bindu and see the jewelry on the Nila Bindu webite.

StoryPortrait Media created the Kickstarter fundraising video for Nila Bindu that you will find on the campaign page, and an artist video for marketing and promotion that you can watch here.

Remember, we are in this together! We are all connected and we can all make a difference in the lives of our friends, neighbors, community. It’s a new world of possibility and creativity when we come together.

  • Chris Barber - What a wonderful range of products! The Wendy Borger video is fascinating, leaves so much to the imagination. I really liked the process video with Jennifer Schlesinger-Hanson: the mix of old work with photographs of her daughter and the chickens, and presentations of her work makes a very interesting mix. The video showing Michele Worstell and her work is very inspiring. Thank you for making these available!

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