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Les Ann Holland | Painter

When an artist invites you into their studio, they are inviting you into the private space of their heart, their hopes, and their soul. ItView full post »

Ryuijie | Artist Video for VERVE Gallery of Photography

First stop with Ryuijie, a photographer based on the Monterey Bay Peninsula in California, was Garrapata Beach. We went to feel the oceanView full post »

VERVE Gallery of Photography | Artist Video Series

I moved to Santa Fe thirteen years ago when I was hired by the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops. (The workshops are likely responsible forView full post »

Client Feature: Anna LaBenz Photography

Late last November I drove due west to Flagstaff, Arizona and arrived around sunset to the smile and colorful, light-filled studio space ofView full post »

Norah Levine in Austin, Texas!

Okay, full disclosure, I adore Norah Levine! She is a friend, a mentor, and one of the most giving, caring, photographers I know. So what aView full post »

Nila Bindu Jewelry goes to Kickstarter!

Michele Worstell, owner of Nila Bindu Jewelry , is an artist, jeweler, and independent business owner. I met her on the mat in the yogaView full post »

Master Craftsmen in New Mexico Magazine, April Issue

The April issue of New Mexico Magazine, currently on the news stands, features images from the advertising and marketing video that wasView full post »

The Bridge at Hoover Dam

Momentous. Complex. Extraordinary. Elegant. Those are a few of the words that come to mind when I think about both Jamey Stillings and theView full post »

Santa Fe’s Living Treasures – Spring 2011

Another round of amazing individuals were honored June 12th, and added to the Santa Fe Living Treasure’s community. Adelina Ortiz deView full post »

Birds in the Park – a reflection on art

Curiosity is a wonderful quality. To be open and inspired to question an idea, a sound, a sighting of something foreign and take the timeView full post »

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