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I moved to Santa Fe thirteen years ago when I was hired by the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops. (The workshops are likely responsible for many photographer’s relocation to, or at least their passing through, Santa Fe). One of the many things I learned at the Workshops was how a group of individuals can come together at the same location and return with completely different images.

As a photographer and documentary storyteller, focusing mainly on assignment work, I remain immensely curious in how fine-art photographers’ find and communicate with their muse. They are not commissioned, assigned, told what to photograph and for what purpose and by what deadlines. They have to look within themselves, and develop a relationship – a dialog between the internal and external worlds – to find and produce their work. I am so grateful to the pursuit of art, and I honor the artist and those that support them because the images (sculptures, paintings, textiles) they show, the ideas and messages they convey, touch something deep within, and somehow remind me of the mystery, beauty, and curiosities of life.

VERVE Gallery of Photography, based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, represents 41 photographers, 40 of which are still alive and working, almost daily. These artists are producing the best of every genre of contemporary fine art photography, and VERVE is making the connection between the artists’ work and collectors and patrons.

This year, VERVE celebrates ten years in the business. They are devoted to photography, and their artists. And, in an effort to teach, inspire, and bring attention to their collection, VERVE Gallery of Photography and StoryPortrait Media are collaborating on a series of artist videos. This has given me the unique honor and privilege to ask and explore the classic questions – How photographer’s find their inspiration, drive, what their techniques are, and how their passions, play and questions, lead to images and portfolios that hang on gallery walls and inspire thought and conversation.

We currently have created videos for eight artists: Brigitte Carnochan, Michael Crouser, Cy DeCosse and Keith Taylor, Joy Goldkind, Jennifer Schlesinger, Maggie Taylor, Stephen Strom, and Nevada Wier with more to come. Each video shares the lifetime of work created, and dives into their process and in the case of Carnochan, DeCosse and Schlesinger, their homes and darkrooms.

Watch the VERVE artist series on my website, or by clicking on the image below.

The current exhibition at VERVE features Nevada Wier, Janet Russek, and Alan Pearlman
The opening is Friday, September 27th, 5 – 7pm at VERVE Gallery of Photography, Santa Fe
Book signing on Saturday, September 28th, 2 – 4pm

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