a year in the life of storyportrait media – 2013

Wow, suddenly here we are, looking back on a year and entering into the next. Time seems relentless – fast, yet full. Before this calendar year flips to 2014, I have to reflect on some 2013 highlights and tell all of my clients, friends, and family that they make my life incredibly rich and meaningful, and make rising each morning a great adventure.

Motion storytelling continues to comprise a larger part of my work and offerings. Letting moments unfold before me and hearing stories told in first person is a joy. Here is a short clip of some of that ambition, creativity, humor, and the simple rhythms of nature recorded this past year.

For the second year, I have had the pleasure of collaborating with John and Wilson Scanlan of VERVE Gallery of Photography, to expand their artist video collection showcasing the behind-the-scenes world of fine-art photographers to educate and inspire collectors and gallery visitors. This year, StoryPortrait Media created videos for Ryuijie in Monterey Bay Peninsula, California (pictured below at Asilomar State Beach), Joy Golkdind in St. James, New York, Maggie Taylor in Gainsville, Florida, and Nevada Wier in Santa Fe, New Mexico. We’re currently working on a piece featuring Kamil Vojnar in Los Angeles, California. Each of these artists search for the deep meaning in their art and life, take time with their craft, and produce exquisite work. Maybe they will also inspire you to collect great photography and surround yourself with the beauty and the inspiration to keep searching and questioning, like they have for me.

We also created videos for two important local nonprofits doing amazing work in and for the community, Youth Shelters and Peace Talks Radio. Please check out their videos and websites, and, if possible, consider contributing to their year-end fundraising needs.

Glenna Goodacre, a renowned Santa Fe sculptor, shared her story about the making of Irish Memorial for a video marking the 10th Anniversary of the piece shown at the events ceremony & gala. Debut author Margaret Wrinkle spoke of the personal inspiration and process of writing WASH.

Collaboration in filmmaking is key. Important stories abound. This year, it’s been amazing to contribute as director of photography and/or additional cinematographer to projects directed by four other women filmmakers: Aimée Broustra with Horseback Ride to the Soul, Jilann Spitzmiller with Life on Purpose with Baeth Davis and the Fuster Cluck featuring Hensforth in Eldorado, Lindy Birkel and a web series to guide people through PTSD with the aid of nature, and with Cristina McCandless and The Velocity Project. I will post updates from those projects as they become available.

Capturing moments in time with still images for business owners, families, and events is still at the core of my work.

This year marked my fourth year as the photographer for Santa Fe Living Treasures, honoring six new local heroes and Living Treasures: Consuelo Hernandez, Dave Warren, Patricio M. Serna, Barbara Goede, Sarah Taylor and Owen Kunkle (left to right, top to bottom)

In an awaited announcement, the New Mexico supreme court unanimously ruled the state constitution protects the right of people of the same gender to marry. It was an honor to photograph two incredibly touching and meaningful weddings and witness a moment of historic equity in our community.

Exciting News: The launch of Doc Chicks Media! A new Santa Fe based video production company including long-time filmmaking friends Jilann Spitzmiller, Shelene Bridge, Cristina McCandless, me and Mara Leader (in order of appearance left to right). We are available as a full-service, multi-media company, with a focus on documentary-style marketing and storytelling.

And, of course, a big thanks to the StoryPortrait Media Team (pictured below) which includes Shelene Bridge, an amazing editor and storyteller, and the very first StoryPortrait Media intern, painter David Oklahoma.

None of this would have been possible without starting 2013 with intentioned visioning. I want to give a shout out to Rubina Cohen of Firefly Strategies and leader of the Women’s Entrepreneurship Circle and Heather Robertson of Centre Line and her Life/Work Rhythm Workshop (both pictured below). I also attended, BIG, Bold Innovation for Good, led by Vicki Pozzebon and Rubina Cohen. These experiences gave me the time to connect with myself, my dreams, and my colleagues to continue the process of moving forward intentionally in business and life.

This time with Rubina and Heather helped me balance my work and personal life, managing my time to volunteer with The Santa Fe Farmers Market Institute Film Series, and 100 Women who Care, go to inspiring conferences: Collaborations for a Cause, Look3 Festival, Bioneers Conference, and continue my personal interests in dance with Amara Pagano and Chloe Goodwin, AcroYoga at Wise Fool, guitar lessons with Laurianne Fiorentino, Madi Sato’s Sing for Joy women’s choir, raw food preparation classes, backpacking trips, time in nature, in ceremony, keeping connected with my Book Club women, and trips to Ojo Caliente with friends.

I feel so blessed to be able to do what I love in a community that supports the arts and one another, in a time when telling our stories is essential. And, I can’t wait to carry on in the new year to continue learning, growing, and sharing bold optimism and innovation with the world. Thank you for being part of my journey. Here’s to a creative and storied 2014!

  • meg - You are so inspiring Genevieve! I hope you have an equally colorful 2014 and I hope our paths cross again someday. Your work is so moving, I can’t wait to see what unfolds for you next. 🙂 Meg

  • Terry - Thank you, Gen, for sharing a snippet of your life, work, and passion through this blog entry; 2013 certainly was fruitful! The devotion to your talents, creativity, the arts, and your community is evident. “Breathing” your gifts into your everyday life is not always the easy path, but the most rewarding. 2014 awaits as the new canvas for your creative soul.

  • melinda russel - Very talented you are Genny! Beautiful pics!!

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