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Over the past couple of years, I have had the pleasure to work with the faculty and students at the Santa Fe Waldorf School. Initially, they hired StoryPortrait Media to create an overview video of their school, which is unique for Waldorf’s around the country in that they offer Preschool through High School on one campus. This year, with a new school administrator and a 30th anniversary to celebrate, I was thrilled to return to the Waldorf classrooms to capture a library of still images for their new website, print marketing, and social media, and create a short video commemorating the legacy of the school.

The Santa Fe Waldorf school has a distinct story to share. Their philosophy, class offerings, and faculty/ student relationships provide an alternative to traditional education. Walking onto their campus and stepping into their classrooms, my heart and mind soars. Behind each door there is color and music, theater and dance, conversations about literature and culture, engaged teachers and actively participating students. I have never experienced such dynamic classrooms and learning. Every time I am there, I instantly want to go back to my elementary and high school days (and where can you go to feel that?!) to learn from a deeper, more connected understanding of myself and the world in a way that engages my senses and expands my abilities.

This year I began offering a special Visual Storytelling Package for non-profits and businesses that includes a photo image library to collect a variety of still images for use in all advertising and social media needs, staff portraits, a three minute overview video and a 30-second teaser. Year after year, organizations can update and add to their image and video collection as needed to enliven their visual presence and share their current story in the community. People want to know, learn, and be inspired by what others are doing. It’s meaningful to me to be able to help them get that message out.

I commend the Santa Fe Waldorf School on 30-years. Here’s to many more generations of kids engaged in an education where their imaginations can be sparked, nurtured and encouraged.

A short introduction video from 2012:

The Santa Fe Waldorf School Short Introduction from StoryPortrait Media on Vimeo.

To learn more about the Santa Fe Waldorf School, visit their website and/ or Facebook page. There are regular campus visits and students are enrolled on a rolling basis.

  • Lucia Veronica Carmona - I live in Las Cruces, NM. Recently I was awarded as Kellogg Fellow. I’m interested in learning more on educational alternatives in a holistic way.
    I wish to be in contact with you and have the opportunity to learn more about your school and philosophy.
    Thank you

  • admin - Hi Lucia, Thanks so much for your comment. You should absolutely get in touch with Jeffrey Baker, the school administrator at the Santa Fe Waldorf School. Here is a link to their contact information: http://www.santafewaldorf.org/contact

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