A Year in Review | So long 2014!

Happy New Year’s Eve and New Year to you!

Thanks for letting me share my work with you throughout the year! I feel honored and lucky to have collaborated with a number of amazing artists, nonprofits, and businesses again this year that have inspired me to reach deeper, think bigger, and continue to push my work forward in the new year. One of my favorite work visits this year was to Austin, Texas to connect with Ysabel Lemay who works intuitively from and with nature, bringing the spirit of life intelligence forward. Looking to recreate the energetic impact of what she feels from life, she works days, months, effortlessly on a single piece, “It will take the time that it takes, and there will never be a piece that leaves my house that doesn’t have that strong energy”.

So how is MY story unfolding? What is public, what is private? What makes life personal and how does the personal inform and create who we are out in the world? I have already shared a lot of my work projects this year, so now I am sharing the personal, where I reached out for inspiration and education, and what life just brought from its own accord that continues to teach me the lessons I need to learn.

This year was admittedly, a year of heart break. The biggest loss was that of my grandmother.
She always told me to “be good, but not too good”.

I enjoyed two incredible trips; Louisiana and Maui, two places that have been on my wish list for a while.

A year of thanks:
Hopefully next year, I will have a portrait gallery of all of my girlfriends. I have such an amazing community of incredible women in my life who have been with me in celebration and heart break and it’s just a huge gift to travel in this life with them by my side – leading me, supporting me, holding me, healing me, lifting me, loving me. You know who you are, thank you.

Conferences, classes, community inspiration:
I have a very strong interest in health and wellness, food as sustenance and spirit, farming and a connection to the land, and food justice. I went to two conferences this year to dive deeper into this rich community and I have more experiences planned for the new year that will help me take my backyard garden to the next level of sustainability and my lifestyle to one of stewardship and wholeness. Quivera Conference , FUZE SW, Food + Folklore Festival

Masters in Motion Conference for inspiration and professional development.

Thanks to Maia Duerr, of the Liberated Life Project, for a great course, Fall in Love with Your Work, that help me see and envision a new way forward for my life and StoryPortrait Media!

I am sincerely grateful to the artist, the activists, the leaders and the visionaries, right now, and over time, who commit themselves to the fight and hold the vision for justice, equality and peace. It’s so complex, and I just appreciate those who can speak and act for humanity in these times.

Musical inspiration:

Video inspiration:

Into the Streets (People’s Climate March + Flood Wall Street) from meerkatmedia on Vimeo.

What am I inviting in for 2015?
I invite exuberant health, strength, and self-love and acceptance into my life.
In invite my voice, my truth, my power, integrity and alignment.
I invite a deep, joyful relationship with the Divine, nature.
I invite BIG, expansive, connected, creative, collaborative projects that relate to and respond to community and the world.
I invite in discomfort, risk, and the space outside of my comfort zone.
I invite in transformative love that continues to expand my heart, my sensitivity, openness, and compassion.
I invite in abundance for myself, my team, my family, and community and generosity, trust, and faith.
I invite in courage, intuitive wisdom, and sacred silence.
I invite in the present moment, free from the pain and disappointments of the past or the hopes/ plans for the future.
I invite in the fullness and perfection of the present moment.

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