Radiance of the Dark with Joan Sutherland, Roshi

When I first sat down with Joan Sutherland and the creative team of the non-profit Cloud Dragon, The Joan Sutherland Dharma Works, to discuss the possibilities of collaboration on this video project, Joan spoke to my heart. Paraphrasing, she said : People can’t be afraid of walking in the world with a broken heart, and to allow it to stay broken, in the understanding that the broken heart is an open heart, and connected. With this one sharing of perspective, I felt immediately whole, unashamed of my own life experience, and instantly more interested in accepting and embracing the mystery, the darkness, the difficulty, and the uncertain path as success, not failure, as richness, not the lack, as the source of action and inspiration in moving forward in the world with compassion – “We press our own broken heart up against the broken heart of the world, and then we ask, What’s next?”

“The Darkness has its own radiance, it’s not about looking for the light switch, it’s about sitting in the dark in its own terms, and feeling that power, the great roaring silence, that is 96% of everything.”

Please enjoy Joan’s poetry, wisdom, questions, and lineage in this short 10 minute video which was screened with a Q & A on May 28th, at the Living Room, Muñoz Waxman Gallery, CCA, Santa Fe.

To learn more about Joan Sutherland’s work and teachings, please visit the Cloud Dragon : The Joan Sutherland Dharma Works website.

A huge thanks to editor, Shelene Bridge and the editing/ creative team, Edie Tsong, Piper Leigh, Stella Reed, and RJ Ward. And, a profound and deep gratitude to Joan Sutherland, her dedication to and articulation of all that is unknown.

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