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I hear the word “local” all the time, and of course, I think I’m as local as they come – for days, months sometimes, I don’t venture beyond a 30-mile radius of home, conducting my social, financial, spiritual, routine life within my own community. Or, so I think. However, our buying power, and what comes into our town from outside is huge…, food, energy, clothing, the products and some services at our fingertips are ordered online, produced far away, and shipped. As quickly as the thing arrives at our doorstep, our money leaves the community… all quite convenient, invisible, and possibly silently hurting the place we live, work, and call home. I sometimes wonder why in such an abundant world, there are so many problems within our boundaries. Our buying habits might account for many.

Vicki Pozzebon asks and investigates such economic and social quandaries through the lens of “localism”. On her website, she defines “Localism is an emergent economic development model that is about community, meaningful jobs, good corporate citizenship, sustainability, food, renewable energy, thinking local first” As a localist writer and consultant, she is committed to a local living economy model that truly sustains and enlivens community, your family, neighbors, and friends.

Vicki’s new website recently launched, and in the spirit of local collaboration, she worked with Renée Innis of Rinse Design and StoryPortrait Media to help her tell her own story through design and imagery.

Top Left: Kelly Egolf and Elizabeth Redman, VERDE Juice
Top to Bottom Right:
Sheila Nixon and Check Roland Richter, Joe’s Dining
Santa Sidra Hard Cider, a member of Delicious New Mexico
Juliana and Tejinder Ciano, ReUnity Resources


Her book, For the Love of Local: Confessions from the Heart of Community, will be published this Fall.

She is also offering Localist Learning Circles and BIG Retreats for social entrepreneurs.

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