Permanently changed by Permaculture | Occidental Arts and Ecology Center

I came to feel whole – to put my pieces back together again.
I’ve been dreaming of you, searching for you, eager to find this place, in time to stop and listen and know – to know what I’ve always known deep inside.

The plants speak and soils dance, the air whispers and breathes, the waters move through every part of me, every part of creation, torrents and tides of my thoughts and dreams.

Yes, I came also for groundwater and rain water, grey water, humanure and polycultures. I came for green land and the ocean. I came for beet salad dressing and nettle pesto, vegan chocolate brownies and greens, all things fermented. I came for the colored pencils and design process, the group process, and personal one. I came for conversation, for the light burning in your eyes through your hearts. I came for your love, your passion, your laughter, your dreams. I came for politics and poetics, energy audits, and somatic resilience. I came for solar paths and soil tests, the soft sensuality of cob. I came for your ethics, your principles. I came for the edge.

This is just a snapshot of this time on earth. The only moment I have, or had that comes and goes so fast.

At Occidental Arts and Ecology Center, Occidental, California where I received my Permaculture Design Certificate.

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