Client Highlight: Sunny Rose Healey, AP Mamayurveda

Sunny Rose Healey, AP is a board certified Ayurvedic Practitioner, herbalist, apprentice midwife, and mother of 2 young children. Like all the top experts in their field, Sunny’s expertise comes not only from training and education, but from her own personal experience with chronic health conditions. Her practice gets to the root cause of health concerns – body, mind and spirit. Her story is inspiring and I am honored to help her tell and share a part of it through our recent photo session.

You always meet the people you need to in life, at the right time. I met Sunny at a Mompreneur event in Santa Fe, and then saw she was offering an 8-day Ayurvedic Reset at the beginning of the year. I signed up and it was a wonderful and profound way to begin a foundation of health for the year. I went on to do an 8-week session following it, a deeper dive. In that time, we talked about and observed the ways we nourish, deal with stress and energy, and ultimately how to pause and tune into our own unique bodies, constitution, energy, and spirit. She helped each of us develop a Dinacharya, or daily routine, that includes self-care practices, balancing meals, and exercise, that now acts as welcome rhythm in my life. Every day since this course, my home and days are more infused with beauty, breath, colorful vegetables, and fragrant and grounding spices, warm teas and elixirs, oil, and rest. Like yoga, it’s a practice that while sometimes it’s easy to get off course, it’s something that is now also constantly calling me back home, to myself. Deep gratitude to Sunny for her studies, for her commitment to her own well-being, and to the gifts that she offers back out to other women.

Sunny works with women from preconception through postpartum and supports women to elevate their health at all stages of life using the timeless wisdom of Ayurveda. She also offers group and private cleanse programs. The next group cleanse is September 30 – October 15th. Save your spot at

As Sunny continues to grow and expand her business, she was looking to make her work more visual and will use the images, and a forthcoming short video, from our sessions on her website, newsletters and social media to promote upcoming classes, cleanses, and lessons. To learn more about Sunny Rose Healey, visit her website: and on Instagram @mamayurveda

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