client highlight: Daven Lee

Daven Lee’s entrepreneurial story is a Santa Fe story, in that Love+Leche is deeply inspired by the rich agricultural heritage of Northern New Mexico and her healing arts work, biodynamic craniosacral therapy and her Qigong, Yoga, and Sacred Daoist Sexuality work, comes to fruition from the expansive nature of New Mexico, it’s prominence of healers, and body workers, and the environment’s ability to expand the individual as wide open as the sky. It’s her story, and others like hers, that make me love Santa Fe, want to support and work with independent business owners, and help me to believe in my own wild dreams and creations. I have loved a continuing relationship with Daven over the years, creating marketing images and videos for her, as her businesses and ideas behind them expand.

Daven is a certified teacher in several of the MogaDao disciplines, including yoga, a practitioner of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy and the owner of Love+Leche. I have received biodynamic craniosacral work from Daven, and it is amazing. It’s hard to describe because in some ways it is very subtle, not much is happening outwardly, no elbows in the muscle tissue, no surprise cracks of the neck, and thankfully. With Daven’s intentional, masterful touch and guidance, the body responds immediately and you can feel the intricate work of opening, quieting, organizing, and healing happening on the spot. The time on the table feels like a meditation, a needed respite from the chaos and complaints, a re-centering, and a remembering. I always leave a session with a renewed focus and calm, ready to re-enter and re-engage in life and creative pursuits, and I always leave more curious of the body’s incredible capacity to participate and reveal itself. That is also the benefit of living in Santa Fe, having access to, and including this type of bodywork, in my own life. You can schedule a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy session with Daven here.

Love+Leche is founded on the love of Mother Nature, an appreciation for things natural, handmade, sensual and beautiful; and the passion to create a meaningful life that will inspire others to do the same. Love+Leche’s luscious soap and lotion bars are made with the help of local nanny goats, who give their rich frothy milk and local bee honey.

Capturing the essence of her work and her love for nature and the healing arts was simple as she authentically radiates the very passion she feels. My hope is that telling her story through the photos connects you to the sacredness and beauty of her work.

“Daven’s deep and beautiful personal practice penetrates her teaching. The poetic imagery that springs out of her takes you on a journey of your internal landscape that is both sensual and spiritual. Daven has truly found her calling as a teacher and a modern-day female alchemist.” — Diana Razumny, The Journey Inward Feldenkrais

You can catch Daven on Instagram @davenly and @loveandleche and online at and to learn more about her work.


  • rhea goodman - beautiful story and photos of the wondrous daven lee.
    thanks for the lovely, sensual photos that truly capture her expansive and juicy spirit.

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