I was thrilled when Daven Lee, founder and owner of Milk + Honey Soap contacted me and StoryPortrait Media to create a visual storytelling package for her business. Milk & Honey received a $30,000 grant from the Venture Acceleration Fund and Finance New Mexico and was able to put a piece of that towards marketing efforts. Her story and the story of her business is both beautiful and idyllic. There are cute kids and adorable goats. There are sensual raw materials such as honey, milk, and flowers. There is real entrepreneurial spirit and a business plan that embodies that spirit, that combines creativity, craft, family, the land, and community in a way that generates meaningful income and jobs.

At the Santa Fe Farmer’s Market, one of Daven’s most public vending spots, Saturday’s are a bustle with people experiencing the lotion soaps for the first or fiftieth time. We wanted to try to convey the sweet smelling, feel good, delicious experience of using her product, so we made a short piece with that intention.

This specific project has got me revved up about buying local, and that even buying something like SOAP and LOTION can represent so much more. That when I buy locally, I shop responsibly, in a way that aligns me with my community, environmental, and personal values. It means something for how children are raised, it means something for how business owners have an opportunity to work together, it means something for the land, for the animals, and for our own entrepreneurial visions. I invite you to support small business owners and of course I wholeheartedly recommend Milk + Honey lotion bars and soap for you and your loved ones, so that you can delight in more than just a gift, but the knowledge of knowing that your money is activism. Shop Online at: Milk & Honey Soap and ask your favorite gift and knitting shop or natural grocery store to carry her products. Enjoy!

I also want to acknowledge the other businesses that Daven and Milk + Honey Soap utilize and collaborate with. Check out their sites and products too! Steve Wall, Buckin Bee Honey, Kristen Davenport of Boxcar Farms for the calendula, and MaryAnn Andrews, Dream Catcher Ranch and Retreat Center

I’ve recently been introduced to the term “social practice” or “social engagement” art – artists seeing something in their own community and responding to it, by reflecting it back in some way. I love this idea and it’s why I initially got into photography, I wanted to comment on what I saw, and say “Hey, take a look! Do you see what I see?”

I’ve had a long time admiration for people who have been able to take note, stand up, and come together in social justice movements. These can be non-profit organizations or individuals with an idea to change, effect, or completely re-envision a model that no longer serves the common good. They are masters at inspiring us with a vision for something better.

Youth Shelters, The Galisteo Basin Preserve, and The Global Warming Express in Santa Fe, New Mexico and FRESC in Denver, Colorado are organizations that StoryPortrait Media has had the honor to partner with this year to help tell their story of making a difference on big issues; youth homelessness, ecological preservation and community building, climate change through youth activism, and protecting and advocating for worker and family rights.

In the time of Thanksgiving, I’d like to give thanks to people who make a difference!

Youth Shelters, delivers life-changing services to homeless, runaway and in-crisis youth. One of Youth Shelters greatest needs right now is recruiting new mentors for the youth and securing financial contributions during the holiday season and winter months when the youth on the street are even more vulnerable.

FRESC ensures working in families in Colorado, especially low income people, communities of color and immigrants, have the maximum opportunity for a good quality of life, livable wages, family-supporting benefits and housing that is affordable. Earlier this year, Shelene Bridge and I traveled to Denver, Colorado and in two days we visited a mobile home community, union offices, community organizer headquarters and the state capitol to interview twelve folks who are united through FRESC and a common goal of equity in the workplace. This video was shown at FRESC’s annual fundraising and celebration dinner. FRESC continues to work on issues that matter.

The Global Warming Express is a climate change advocacy organization started by two nine-year-old girls in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Marina Weber and Joanna Whysner. Together they have created a fast-growing movement and their climate change club and camp and venturing out into the world as activists with a voice. They are leading the way, and having an impact on their future in the present, and hopefully carrying the adults along with them.

The Galisteo Basin Preserve is a land conservation and a community development project of the Commonweal Conservancy, located in Santa Fe County’s Galisteo Basin. It is truly special.Going against the grain of traditional development, the vision of the Galisteo Basin is to develop ecologically, with green building and land preservation at the heart of it. Conservation development lots are still available. You can be part of this important and rare community.

The Galisteo Basin Preserve is open to our community– for hiking, biking, and just learning about this magical landscape. As a continual commitment to community building, five additional miles of trails was developed this Fall. Go visit! The trail map is attached.

Over the past couple of years, I have had the pleasure to work with the faculty and students at the Santa Fe Waldorf School. Initially, they hired StoryPortrait Media to create an overview video of their school, which is unique for Waldorf’s around the country in that they offer Preschool through High School on one campus. This year, with a new school administrator and a 30th anniversary to celebrate, I was thrilled to return to the Waldorf classrooms to capture a library of still images for their new website, print marketing, and social media, and create a short video commemorating the legacy of the school.

The Santa Fe Waldorf school has a distinct story to share. Their philosophy, class offerings, and faculty/ student relationships provide an alternative to traditional education. Walking onto their campus and stepping into their classrooms, my heart and mind soars. Behind each door there is color and music, theater and dance, conversations about literature and culture, engaged teachers and actively participating students. I have never experienced such dynamic classrooms and learning. Every time I am there, I instantly want to go back to my elementary and high school days (and where can you go to feel that?!) to learn from a deeper, more connected understanding of myself and the world in a way that engages my senses and expands my abilities.

This year I began offering a special Visual Storytelling Package for non-profits and businesses that includes a photo image library to collect a variety of still images for use in all advertising and social media needs, staff portraits, a three minute overview video and a 30-second teaser. Year after year, organizations can update and add to their image and video collection as needed to enliven their visual presence and share their current story in the community. People want to know, learn, and be inspired by what others are doing. It’s meaningful to me to be able to help them get that message out.

I commend the Santa Fe Waldorf School on 30-years. Here’s to many more generations of kids engaged in an education where their imaginations can be sparked, nurtured and encouraged.

A short introduction video from 2012:

The Santa Fe Waldorf School Short Introduction from StoryPortrait Media on Vimeo.

To learn more about the Santa Fe Waldorf School, visit their website and/ or Facebook page. There are regular campus visits and students are enrolled on a rolling basis.

  • Lucia Veronica Carmona - I live in Las Cruces, NM. Recently I was awarded as Kellogg Fellow. I’m interested in learning more on educational alternatives in a holistic way.
    I wish to be in contact with you and have the opportunity to learn more about your school and philosophy.
    Thank you

  • admin - Hi Lucia, Thanks so much for your comment. You should absolutely get in touch with Jeffrey Baker, the school administrator at the Santa Fe Waldorf School. Here is a link to their contact information: http://www.santafewaldorf.org/contact

When an artist invites you into their studio, they are inviting you into the private space of their heart, their hopes, and their soul. It was such a special opportunity for me to work with long-time acquaintance Les Ann Holland, to see her project Pink Moon unfold before my eyes.

Pink Moon, as you’ll hear in the video, was inspired by a quiet night of observation, that led to inquiry, that led to discovery with paint and canvas. It is a project that is being delivered to the Harwood Art Center for their innagural Harvest CSA event.

The Harvest CSA is based on the model of community supported agriculture (CSA) programs and provides an opportunity for new collectors to connect with and support locals artists by purchasing a “share”, or a box of thoughtfully curated, original art pieces. Les Ann was one of the ten participating artists. This is such a cool and inspiring effort that is spreading across the country.

Her work and process intrigued and soothed me, from the quiet and richness of her paint and process to her smile and depth of consideration and care in her technique. There is an authenticity to her practice and being that inspires. So tender, vulnerable, and illuminating the path of the artist can be.

I hope you enjoy the backstage pass in witnessing personal creation.

LES ANN HOLLAND | PAINTER from StoryPortrait Media on Vimeo.

Click HERE to learn more about Harwood Art Center’s Harvest CSA.

To learn more about Les Ann Holland, visit her website.

Work is a huge part of our lives – and finding work that we love, that feeds the spirit and belly, is a journey unto itself. For many women I know and work with in Santa Fe, their work is a creative expression of their heart, an outpouring of their deepest beliefs, a manifestation of personal vision for a better world, and ultimately a way to bring their skills and talents to others. As a photographer, it gives me great pleasure to help entrepreneurs shine, ensure their intention is felt, and see that their work is brought to light.

Here are a few of my portrait clients. Each wanted to convey a powerful brand through images that show who they are and what they stand for. Direct and colorful photographs become a part of their business marketing collateral – website, social media, newsletter and blogs, presentations, and print advertising – all used to engage and attract the perfect client.

Rubina Cohen is the founder and CEO of Firefly Strategies. She is a creative spark – quick, witty, always brimming with ideas and projects, and adept at helping entrepreneurial organizations and individuals design marketing, sales, and business strategies for success in the new economy. Rubina inspires me to continue to grow and evolve in business. She has helped me embrace and have fun with marketing, and is the wonderful leader of the Women Entrepreneur’s Circle, a yearly initiative. She is currently enrolling for the 2014 Women Entrepreneur’s Circle. I highly recommend attending, as well as following her blog for weekly tips and inspiration.


Daryl Stanton’s new business, TANSUCASA excites me. She is an environmentally conscious social entrepreneur committed to sustainable living. She works with people to design and build healthy eco-homes. It has always been a dream of mine to live in a home that is eco-friendly, built with the earth, and our relationship to it in mind. Hopefully, one day, I’ll be able to hire her for her art and design services.


Michelle Diggs and Magdalena Anderle have joined forces in Sunstone Healing Arts. They offer swedish, deep tissue, hot stone, lomi lomi, shiatsu, trigger point, chi nei twang, and prenatal massage, plus much more. Open and welcoming, they invite people into their beautiful new space in the Lena Street Lofts in Santa Fe to relax and let go of stress, and return to a state of gratitude and well-being. And, while it’s their goal to bring health, healing, and body work to everyone, for lucky city employees, a $10 co-pay covers the treatment. As of writing, their website is not yet live, so check out their Facebook page for contact information and promotions.


Wendy Borger and Pam Sweeney of Rasa Juice Bar and Aryurveda have been longtime inspirations to me as yoga teachers and foodies. Walking into Rasa, a cafe offering organic plant based foods and juices, entices the senses and elevates the state of mind about health and conscious eating to a new level. Devoted to the Ayurveda and live food movements, Wendy and Pam bring an unparalleled passion, creativity, knowledge, and of course menu to town. You also can find Rasa’s Superfood Power Balls recipe in Local Flavor, and read Wendy’s post about the benefits of turmeric, and catch her great Kitchari recipe on the Edible Santa Fe blog. An expanded Rasa kitchen is also coming soon! Check out their Facebook page for updates and daily treats from the kitchen!


Adrienne Barrett, creator of Wild & Free Cookery, focuses on Real Food + Primal Wellness for families and individuals. I love food and am always inspired by people devoted to their own health and the health of others. Her website is a great resource for a strong and nourishing life.


Heather Robertson, owner of Center Line, is an executive coach and yoga teacher. I met Heather at a women’s filmmaking workshop in Arizona last year, where she was offering a seminar in Work/ Life balance, in addition to yoga classes. I knew immediately the potency and importance of her work to mine. Burn out causes failure in many small businesses. She has encouraged me to schedule “renewal” time – time to rest, vacation, and retreat as an integral part of maintaing creativity and commitment to my passion. She is a leader and a guide to many women in business. In May, she is offering her 21 days to a Renewed You workshop in Santa Fe. If you a looking to spring alive, this might be the perfect opportunity.


Christine Curran is a Reiki master, licensed massage therapist, vegetarian cook, graphic designer, and owner of Budding Lotus Body. Here is a link to her Sweet Potato and Swiss Chard pie recipe that has become a staple in my house.


Kim Klinkrodt, artist, mom, and owner of Rock Mama Metals, makes handmade, personalized, talisman jewelry for mothers. She is devoted to creating unique pieces that remind moms of their unique role in life and the importance of self-care and self-love. Kim is hosting a trunk show April 5th and 6th at Indigo Baby in Santa Fe. If you’re in Santa Fe, you should drop on by for chocolate, stories, and an opportunity to meet Kim and purchase a piece of her work for yourself.

Spring is a great time to update your online presence with fresh, meaningful images of you and your business. Feel free to contact me at 505-660-2751 or genevieve@storyportraitmedia.com to schedule your next portrait session or discuss a customized photo image library for your business.

  • meg simone - I love reading about the people you have the fortune to document – just amazing Genevieve 🙂 Stunning, glowing, women business owners! Love it 🙂

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